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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hack Uniblue Registry Booster 2012 To Use It For Free By hackingandtricking | Crack Uniblue Registry Booster Software

The registry is central to the health of your computer as it contains essential hardware and software instructions that need to be accessed continuously. While a new computer's registry is clean and structured, upon use, particularly through software removal and changes in settings and hardware, bad or useless entries start to accumulate. To compound the registry bloat problem, data can start to fragment with once contiguous registry instructions breaking up into multiple locations. The result is a loss in system efficiency and a tendency for system slow down, errors and conflicts. 

About Registry Booster
RegistryBooster improves your PC by optimizing your registry in two distinct ways. After scanning for obsolete and harmful entries, RegistryBooster will clean and fix your registry, removing errors and improving your computer's processing efficiency. RegistryBooster can also defragment your registry by re-ordering instructions for contiguity. With a clean and defragmented registry, your computer can speed along at peak efficiency, with fewer errors and better performance. Above all, RegistryBooster is fast, effective and easy to use.

What does RegistryBooster clean?

RegistryBooster delivers comprehensive registry optimization, cleaning registry errors associated with:
  • System software settings
  • ActiveX, OLE, COM sections
  • Invalid file associations
  • System drivers
  • Startup procedures
  • Shared DLL files
  • Fonts
  • Invalid shortcuts
  • User software settings
  • File extensions
  • Uninstall procedures
  • Third party programs installed on your PC
  • Application paths

  • First of all you must download Registry Booster from Uniblue's Official Site, after the installation finishes don't run the software. Open task manager and end the process of Uniblue Registry Booster.

Then Go To Registry Editor

Open Run And Type regedit And Hit Enter You Will Taken To The Registry Editor


Then Find CLSID
Then Right Click On CLSID And Click On Find
Uncheck "Keys" And "Data" And Check " Match Whole String Only " And Type " FC " In The Search Then Click Find Next
It Will Take You To The Next Step
Under FC Right Click Then Click On New Then Click String Value
Name It License 
Then Double Click It You Should See A New Window
In The Value Data Field Paste This Key


Click Ok
Close Your Registry Editor
Start The Registry Booster And Boom You Have The Registered Version.

Congrats you have registered your software without spending any money.


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